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Yalotechnikí Chatzianastasiou A. & SIA OE - Glass Processing Industry - Glass - Crystals - Mirrors - Energy & Bulletproof Glass - Alexandroupoli


Safety glasses are divided into:

A) Multilayer (laminated, the well-known "triplex"). These are two or more panes glued together with a combination of PVB membranes, which hold the pieces of shattered glass in case of breakage.

B) Heat strengthened, heat toughened, tempered - securit The heat treatment they undergo, adds to these glasses excellent resistance to stress. In addition, in case of breakage, they dissolve into very small pieces, unable to cause significant damage.

We place safety glasses in:
  • Doors for shops and houses
  • Folding shop doors (bellows)
  • Shop windows
  • Parapet - balconies
  • Skylights for ceilings and basements
  • Shower cabins
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Plates
  • Showcases
  • Vehicle windshield
  • Glass protective counters
  • Doors and windows of schools and in general in places where children are crowded.